Military wives and entrepreneurs

FRESNO, Calif.

That's the case for a group of Navy wives at Lemoore Naval Air Station in Kings County. They have turned their many skills into the launch and expand an online business that is reaping rewards of all kinds.

They are the team of the "Homecoming Trunk Shows" founded by Navy wife and mother Liza Diaz. She explained why it is working, " All my girlfriends, who are in the exact same position that I'm in, I wanted to have kids, my husband's gone, I want to be able to work, I wanted that social interaction with other people."

She parlayed that need into an online company. Its name is a nod to wives wanting to look good for their reunion with a loved one on "Homecoming Day", their after-deployment reconnection, "That's the day we live and breathe for. When they're gone we plan for homecoming."

These Navy wives are enjoying success; they have sold 4-hundred-thousand dollars' worth of clothing, handbags, jewelry and more. This is a serious business. One-hundred 'Stylists' across the country sell this ever changing online merchandise in their trunk shows. Sixty percent are military wives. The entire operation is based here in a South Valley warehouse.

Shannon Duff, a stay at home mom of four, with a Navy husband at sea, hadn't worked outside her home for years. And this job has empowered her, "I think it's just genius idea. We have stylists across the country and we have grown tremendously. I never thought I'd be able to do something like this."

But their success isn't their only focus. The team has organized a care package event on Valentine's Day at Lemoore city hall. The packages will be sent to Navy personnel serving on-land in Afghanistan.

Thiers's is a life of giving back and working hard. And a successful heartbeat from home, as well, for the wives who wait for loved ones to come home safely.


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