Fresno Police update top 5 auto thieves list

FRESNO, Calif.

Larry Burgin was previously considered number two on the list, but police say he was recently sentenced to three years in prison.

As a result, Michael Kent, has been named into the new top five. Police say they've arrested him six times since December, and most recently, Wednesday night. He was already out of jail on Thursday morning and police are now asking you to be on the lookout in case he tries to strike again.

"We may arrest them and they may get out after five or six hours but those cases will stack up and sooner or later, they got to make it into court. The sentencing of Larry Burgin is a great example of that. Again, his criminal activities finally caught up with him and he's going away for three years," said Lt. Burke Farrah with the Fresno Police Department.

In addition to Kent, police say the other suspects on the top five list of auto thieves include Gabriel Osorio, Ralph Jasso, Francisco Delarosa, and Jeremiah Gutierrez.

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