Obama's California visit doesn't include the Central Valley

FRESNO, California

The president has never been to the Central Valley as commander in chief or as a democratic candidate.

Political experts say it's not likely to happen any time soon. Although one group is still holding out hope he'll visit this spring.

It is an election year, and President Obama is a candidate. Candidates need money to campaign.

ABC30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi said, "He comes to California to raise money. He raises millions of dollars and takes it back to the other parts of the country where he needs to campaign."

Capozzi says because President Obama easily won California in the last election. He doesn't need to campaign here.

Capozzi explained, "For a politician to be able to do good things, he has to get elected, and one way to get elected is to raise money and get your message out there. Coming to Fresno, coming to Bakersfield, coming to Modesto or Merced isn't going to raise him a lot of money and there aren't that many votes here."

Both former democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton came to Fresno while they were in office, as have several other democratic presidential candidates over the years.

First Lady Michelle Obama paid the Valley a visit three years ago when she spoke at UC Merced's first graduation.

So far, the president has no plans to visit. Although the White House told Action News the president is looking forward to his stops across the golden state this week and hopes to return again soon.

Gloria Brown of the Madera branch of the NAACP hopes the president answers a call to visit from some students at Fresno State.

Brown is helping a newly formed campus NAACP group woo the president to the Valley in April.

They've come up with a Facebook page which Brown says the White House knows about and is monitoring the number of "likes".

Brown said, "They want the president to come speak to them about tuition, costs, the high cost of their tuition, about jobs, especially jobs and the status of the economy."

The president already has a trip planned to go to Southern California April 21st. The students are holding out hope Mr. Obama will come one day early, to the Central Valley.

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