Warm weather can cause misery for allergy sufferers

FRESNO, Calif.

Some trees have already gone into full bloom, meaning an early start to the allergy season.

"They're bad right now, but not that bad," allergy sufferer Manda Herbert said.

Despite all the trees that are in full bloom already, we're still technically in winter.

However, allergist Dr. William Ebbeling says trees that blossom actually help people with their symptoms.

"You'll notice that these trees are just starting to come out. And when they get colored blossoms, the trick is these are good for you. The pollen is transmitted by bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and it doesn't get airborne," Dr. Ebbeling said.

Dr. Ebbeling says the plants that typically cause intense irritation are ones you can't see blossoms right away.

"When you see these out, you know the other trees that don't have flowers, they're going to be pollinating also. Like the alder, the birch. Some of those are now pollinating. So that pollen is in the air," he said.

That means it'll get into people's nose and eyes of people, triggering their allergies.

Dr. Ebbeling says the best policy is prevention, meaning take an anti-histamine about an hour before your outside activity.

More blooming trees mean more pollen is being released into the air, but remember that the colorful flowers aren't the ones making your life is miserable outside.

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