10 UC Merced RAs asked to resign allegedly due to alcohol

FRESNO, Calif.

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The university could not comment on what the RAs did wrong, but multiple students tell Action News it had to do with drinking.

A UC Merced spokesperson says the RAs have been told to move out of the dorms where they worked and lived - by Sunday.

Resident assistants are typically sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are hired to supervise other students in their dorm.

UC Merced had 35 RAs -- so, it's down to 25 for now. One freshman says some students are upset about the resignations.

Brenda Ortiz said, "They will be shifting some of the current resident assistants over so we have coverage in all the dorms so there's no lack of supervision."

Katie Teresi said, "There's a big outcry, there's some people trying to get their RAs back."

The former resident assistants will not lose their status as students.

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