Badger Pass busy despite low snow level

FRESNO, Calif.

Despite the dry conditions the ski area did get some snow early Monday morning.

Skiers and snowboarders took advantage of the holiday weekend to squeeze in some time on the slopes.

People of all ages and all skill levels hit the slopes at badger pass on President's Day to play in what little powder they could find.

"It's good, I like it. Good to ski on, kids have fun," Neil Burson of Sanger said.

The ski park got about a quarter inch of snow overnight following a storm several weeks ago that dumped more than two feet for opening day.

"It's really good coverage, the conditions are great and we have the type of terrain here that it doesn't take a lot of snow to get us up and going," Colin Baldock of Badger Pass Ski Area said.

Yosemite's ski area usually opens before Christmas, but it relies on natural snow rather than the man-made stuff you see in places like Tahoe or China Peak.

This winter the runs remained dry much later, forcing officials to offer discounted passes to make up for lost revenue.

"We went about 75% of normal, but considering what type of season we've had I'm very happy about that," Baldock said.

At this same time last year, the snow reached just over the rail of the deck. That's about a hundred inch difference.

While the park has seen a lack of snowfall this year, families say the coverage is good and they're having a good time.

"We're celebrating my wife's 75th birthday up here," Gil Workman of Menlo Park said.

Gil Workman brought his grandson all the way from Massachusetts to see the California snow.

It was snow in much warmer weather than the 10 degrees he experienced over there just one week ago.

"Compared to Massachusetts, this weather here, I'm surprised they even have snow," Daniel King said.

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