Public helping SPCA care for horses

FRESNO, Calif.

Thanks to the help of the public they have been able to meet their needs.

What was once empty ground with a single donated round pen is now the temporary home to five dozen horses. Each placed where they can best be cared for.

All were rescued from Valley owners who can't or won't take care of them, and the SPCA staff is caring for them now.

"A huge thank you to our officers because have done amazing work with what they've done with all the horses. What is the most need now? Hay. Hay is our hugest need at the moment. We go about 3 or 4 bails at very feeding. Some of them get a little more than that, so that donation was very needed and we're excited to have it," Beth Caffrey of the Central California SPCA said.

Monday brought a donation of hay but more is needed.

Community donations are essential in helping to feed, care for and house them.

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