Accused LAUSD substitute teacher on the run

February 22, 2012 12:28:07 AM PST
An LAUSD substitute teacher is on the run after being charged with sexual misconduct. Prosecutors say he videotaped the act in one case, and exposed himself in another.

A $60,000 arrest warrant has been issued for 45-year-old George Luis Hernandez.

In 2010, Hernandez was accused of exposing himself to a young girl. He was arrested by Huntington Park police after the incident outside Gage Middle School.

According to an attorney for an alleged victim, Hernandez's car was rigged with a camera to record his interactions with children.

"They found video cameras that were apparently set up in the passenger seat of the car to film over the driver's side so that he could film children responding to him when they saw that he was fully exposed," said Sanford Jossen, an attorney for an alleged victim.

Jossen is suing LAUSD and the Inglewood School District. He says records reveal that several children had complained about inappropriate conduct by Hernandez when he taught at LAUSD schools.

But there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute him. Hernandez was able to leave before he was suspended. And according to records, he received a good recommendation from LAUSD, which failed to disclose his suspension. He went on to be hired at Inglewood.

LAUSD Superintendant John Deasy says policies have changed since then.

"In the last year of my administration, we've dismissed more than 850 teachers. You do not have to commit a criminal act," Deasy said.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators said they found a large quantity of child pornography at his house. They also allegedly found video images of Hernandez engaging in lewd acts with a young female student.

Hernandez was arrested and booked, but he was able to post bail. He did not show up for his preliminary hearing on Sept. 30, 2010, and is believed to have fled to Mexico.

Hernandez had been employed as teacher in multiple schools, including Figueroa Elementary, 68th Street Elementary, Russell Elementary, Buelah Payne and Gage Middle School.