Feb 23rd AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The Department of Water Resources announced Wednesday that it's reducing the amount of water the state water project will deliver this year. The department dropped its projected allocation from 60 to 50-percent.

The Bureau of Reclamation also revealed their initial allocation for Central Valley Project Water Service contractors. They'll be receiving 30-percent, compared to 50-percent last year. That could mean Valley farmers won't receive all the water they need this year.

Mandarin damage in California is worse than growers first thought.

Citrus fruit growers say damage from cold weather in December and January is now more visible, and mandarins were hit hard.

California Citrus Mutual is reporting about one-third of the mandarin crop will ultimately be lost because of the freeze damage. Farmers can see the damage now that temperatures are warming.

A record number of frosty nights during the previous two months caused in the losses.

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