Getting the most out of your tank of gas

FRESNO, Calif.

So what can you do to get the most out of your tank?

Action News went straight to the source, talked to mechanics and figured out the major factors that matter when it comes to your tank of gas.

Most of us know that tire pressure makes a difference.

Cary Biggert of Pro Auto says the type of tire you're driving on is almost as important as the inflation.

It's enticing to buy the ones on sale, but he says instead go with the tires the manufacturer recommends, even if they're more expensive.

"If you get a high rolling resistance tire than your fuel efficiency will go down and so instead of paying for the rubber you'll be paying for the gas going into your tank," Biggert said.

Your tires can also be related to other problems affecting your car's fuel economy, in this case alignment.

"if it has too much tow in or tow out than the tires are actually scrubbing across the ground instead of rolling down the road . If that's happening, it takes fuel which reduces the economy," Biggert said.

A common mistake? Using the wrong type of fuel. If your manufacturer suggests premium, pay for it or else pay much more down the road.

"If you're trying to save a dollar for a gallon of gas there are other things that will happen to that vehicle that could actually make trying to save that dollar pretty expensive," Biggert said.

Then there's bugs. They matter when it comes to what you're paying at the pump.

"As the bugs go through the grill of the vehicle they start to plug up the fans of the condenser. See all the bugs in there? Those become restrictions," Biggert said.

Biggert says take it to a mechanic if you can't do it yourself, and while you're at it take a peek in the trunk.

"If you've got a large amount of weight and this one does, and you're lugging it around it takes a lot of fuel to carry that load," Biggert said.

Last but far from least, in the morning give your car a chance to warm up and slow down. Your speed affects your tank.

There's a state law which requires all repair shops to check your tire pressure. So if you're in doubt drive in and have someone help you check it out.

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