Mortgage trouble? Turn your home into a billboard

FRESNO, California

The house in Buena Park has become the talk of the neighborhood, and it's not hard to see why.

The owners entered an online sweepstakes and won. Their prize, the loudest paint job on the block and their $2,000 monthly mortgage payment is paid.

The marketing company "Brainiacs from Mars" say it's their way to get advertising while helping families during these tough economic times. And they're looking to paint more.

"We're expecting to have it 4-6 months," said the homeowner's daughter, Sarah Hostetler. "If more complaints come, maybe shorter. But maybe up to one year."

Their neighbor, Kelin Covington said, "If you guys want to come paint my house hot pink, purple, bring it on. Ready."

Some neighbors do think the home is a bit of an eyesore -- but there are no city codes in Buena Park that regulate what colors people paint their homes.

Would you allow a marketing company to paint your home like this... if in exchange they paid your mortgage for up to a year?

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