Fresno beer delivery driver never saw his killer

FRESNO, Calif.

The suspect, /*Joey Lopez*/, is facing charges of first degree murder for the death of that truck driver, /*Richard Hernandez*/.

The video prompted the victim's widow to leave the courtroom crying. The surveillance cameras show exactly what happened that December morning. When an unsuspecting delivery driver was gunned down as he prepared to make his first delivery of the day.

Richard Hernandez had just lowered the lift gate on his Coors Light delivery truck, when the Valley Wide truck driver was shot in the back and shoulder.

The getaway driver took the stand Wednesday morning. He told the court he was drinking beer and smoking meth with Joey Lopez just hours before the murder.

/*Christopher Gonzalez*/ has already pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder. Gonzalez described pulling into the mini mart at Belmont and Palm to use a pay phone, when his passenger, Joey Lopez confronted the delivery man.

"When I was walking towards the phone, I heard shots fired, I didn't know where the shots were coming from, I just heard shots. I hesitated," said Gonzalez. "At that time, I just turned around and ran back to the truck."

Surveillance video shows the two jumping into a pickup truck and slowly driving away.

Just as a call came out of shots fired, Officer Angel Delafuente was driving in the area. "Two to three shots is what caught my attention, I looked over in that intersection and that's when I saw a red vehicle and two males walking quickly to that red truck."

The homicide detective, who handled the case, showed the jury the bullet casings and fragments from a 9 millimeter gun.

"This indicates the item was at stand number one," said Todd Fraizer. "So at stand number one was a spent cartridge casing."

The jury also listened to the audio tape interview of Lopez recorded hours after the murder. In the tape, he seems evasive and says he wants to leave.

Gonzalez testified against Lopez as part of a plea deal. Lopez did not show much emotion. But, he did look up to watch the video of the murder as it was shown to the jury.

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