Chukchansi Indians hold tribal meeting


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Nearly a dozen law enforcement officers were parked outside making sure no one takes control of the tribal government center -- following a violent attack Tuesday where three people were injured.

Tribal spokesperson, Roger Salazar said, "There's always a lot of security on the casino grounds and obviously what happened here last week, there was heightened security near tribal headquarters."

While Madera County Sheriff Deputies blocked off the building and patrolled outside - close to 300 members of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians - gathered inside - on the fourth floor of a nearby parking structure - to resolve a dispute over tribal governance.

"My understanding is that it was a very positive meeting, a lot of discussions taking place, lots of concerns about what's going on."

Lot's of concerns following a fight Tuesday in the parking lot of the tribal compound, between supporters of the tribe's sitting council and a group who claims they were denied their rightful place in tribal government after a disputed December election.

While some tribal members were hoping to reach a quorum to carry on with tribal business. The meeting was just shy of reaching the necessary number of people to make a decision.

The council will now hold an election March 10th to fill the one seat left vacant by a disqualified candidate.

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