Sanger axes sales tax to boost the local economy

SANGER, Calif.

The city held it's second sales tax holiday to coincide with the 24th annual Blossom Days Festival and car show.

Hundreds of people attended that festival. City officials say they chose to hold the sales tax holiday to give the crowds an incentive to spend their dollars in Sanger and help turn the local economy around.

Long-time Sanger resident, Vickie Braden is saddened by the economic situation in her city. "I've seen a lot of businesses close, a lot of the old businesses that were here years and years ago have shut down."

She and her friends played a small part in stimulating the local economy while shopping at Saturday's Blossom Days Festival and car show.

City officials declared Saturday Sanger's second sales tax holiday.

Sanger city council first voted to waive the city's roughly two-percent sales tax to coincide with the annual Christmas parade. The event was so successful, the city is holding it again.

Mayor Joshua Mitchell said, "I see it as an investment, it's an investment into the city of sanger because what we are doing is helping out our local businesses.

Mayor Mitchell says Sanger needs the economic boost. According to the state's Employment Development Department Sanger's unemployment rate is 25.3%. The national unemployment rate is about eight-percent.

Bernie Hinson with Sequoia Chevrolet and Buick GMC says customers can save a bunch on big ticket buys. "On a $30 thousand car, the 1.75% works out to a savings of $525.00."

Some store owners in town say the savings don't always add up.

Dallas Kanagawa, with Sanger Nursery said, "The largest transaction for a single item was 195 dollars so the customer saved about three and a half dollars."

But shoppers tell Action News, every dollar counts.

Clovis resident, Diana Lingenfelter said, "They want to buy and this is the best time for them, they couldn't afford it any other time."

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