25th annual Kids Day -- today!

FRESNO, Calif.

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Text "GEORGE" TO 90999 to make a $5 donation

Tuesday is the 25th annual Kids Day, and your support helps fund several programs to help better treat young patients.

A colorful mask helps three-year-old Jose Ramos breathe easier.

Jose suffers from respiratory problems. Robert Kezerian is his doctor.

"We see all children regardless of their ability to pay," Dr. Kezerian said.

Dr. Kezerian has spent the past 24 years working at Children's Hospital to help kids like Jose get better.

When he started there were 20 beds in what he described as a little unit.

Now there are more than 350 rooms available.

"I think it's amazing because I describe hospitals as being like airports. If you've ever been to an airport that wasn't under construction. This hospital has continuing growing phase. We just keep an analysis of what we have and what we need and what the community needs and the children," Dr. Kezerian said.

In the 25 year history of Kids Day, donations have brought in just under $5 million.

The money is split among several departments, including the recently installed state of the art MRI imaging facility.

"This is the neonatal intensive care unit. So we have all babies that have been born at other hospitals that for whatever reason have to come here for care," Dr. Kezerian said.

The NICU has also gone through a transformation over the years.

What started out as a small facility has now grown to a place where up to 75 newborns can be treated.

Many of them are here weighing less than a pound, and more technology is needed to handle the work load.

"So many of the care we provide costs a lot of money and the community makes a big difference," Clinical Nurse Specialist Jennifer Norgaard said.

A big difference you can make is by making a small donation on Tuesday.

Just look for any one of four thousand volunteers around the Fresno area wearing bright neon vests.

Your special donation by buying a special edition newspaper can help thousands of kids like Jose get better faster.

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