Evacuation in NW Fresno after a gas leak

FRESNO, Calif.

The leak happened at the Lakeside Apartments on Brawley near Barstow around 6:20 Thursday morning.

Fresno fire officials say a woman called saying she had hit a line of gas meters with her vehicle and could smell gas. She could also hear a hissing sound of gas escaping the ruptured lines.

"There was a considerable leak, you have an inch, inch and a half or so of leaking gas you are putting leaking gas into the air. But once again its not harmful to the body the smell makes you want to stay away which is doing its purpose," said Battalion Chief Casey Clark with the Fresno Fire Department.

Firefighters evacuated a section of the apartment complex. PG&E crews were able to shut the gas off and make the repairs to the gas lines.

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