New businesses coming to Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

There are four new construction developments within a three mile section of Shaw Avenue between Marty and Palm.

The Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Northwest Fresno will open its doors to the public in just over a month.

The outside is just about complete, but inside there are plenty of areas needing work before people can enjoy their steak and rib combinations.

200 jobs are up for grabs, and so far managers say 25 hundred people have submitted applications.

"We're just real excited to be a part of Fresno. When we came in and took a look at this area it was just so exciting how the area is grown and the community of Fresno has just been wonderful to us," Matthew Johnson of Texas Roadhouse said.

Texas Roadhouse leads a new wave of construction projects in a part of Northwest Fresno that still has plenty of empty retail space.

Along a three mile stretch of Shaw you'll find a grocery outlet and drive-thru Panera Bread coming to Shaw and Marty.

On Shaw and West there's a new project just underway at the old Mars Restaurant, although crews wouldn't tell us what's replacing it.

On Shaw and Palm, construction workers just moved some inventory into the new Walgreens pharmacy.

It's in a much more populated area than the Wallgreens on Palm and Bullard, which it will replace once construction is complete.

"It sure is. It's highly visible. That's the one thing. It allows us to be more convenient to a lot of traffic as you can see," Steve Borjas said.

Walgreens will transfer its employees to the new location.

The other chains will be looking to hire people to help fill their workforce when they officially open up shop.

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