Authorities target Sanger gang

SANGER, California

Fighting gang violence in Sanger is nothing new for Fresno County's M.A.G.E.C. But, with a new, permanent injunction, they now have even more power to do so.

Sgt. Joshua McCahill said, "If they look suspicious, or if they're committing a traffic violation, or you know, we know the person and they're a gang member and they're hanging out with other gang members, we can stop them and check them."

The injunction marks the city's second. The first one was instituted back in 2003 against the Chankla Bulldogs. The result says Fresno County's Chief Deputy District Attorney: a 52-percent decrease in calls for service.

Greg Anderson said, "The graffiti is much less than it was before, gang members don't hang around on the corners selling narcotics or intimidating other people."

Under the new injunction, Surenos within a specific three-mile so-called safety zone are not allowed to associate with each other, show gang signs or wear gang clothing.

Elizabeth Egan, Fresno County's District Attorney said, "Break the law, break any terms of this injunction and we'll promise to prosecute you."

As for what will happen once they get arrested, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims insists early releases won't be an issue. That's because under AB-109, gang enhancements are state prison cases, which means those criminals are more likely to stay locked up. "We're going to send a message that you know, if you're a gang member in Sanger, it's not going to be tolerated."

Fresno County now has a total of seven gang injunctions, with more on the way.

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