Chase suspect arrested on school roof in Houston


According to police, an officer noticed the suspect driving while holding a woman passenger in a headlock. The officer tried to pull that driver over and a short chase ensued.

At one point, the driver stopped and the passenger was able get out and run away. But the suspect took off again, and soon collided with another vehicle near HISD's Hines-Caldwell Elementary School on Orem and Croquet.

The suspect got out of his car and climbed to the top of the school. While Houston police were on the roof with a stun gun in the suspect's back, on the ground was Bernice Mickey.

"I didn't know, I didn't know what was happening," Mickey said.

She was anxious to know what had just hit her.

"The only thing I seen was white clouds," Mickey said.

Those white clouds were the airbags that deployed when the suspects's car crashed into her Grand Marquis. She was a few blocks from home, returning after a quick trip to get dinner.

"I was making a left hand turn to go home and the next thing I knew he had hit me and turned me all the way around," Mickey said.

While the suspect was on the school's roof, SkyEye HD recorded officers subduing the man, who appears uncooperative. They cuffed him and for his safety and theirs, put him on a basket, which was lowered to the ground with the help of a Houston Fire Department ladder truck.

Meanwhile, Mickey was still in the dark. Her daughter, who happened upon the accident, ran the spry 86-year-old home to tell her 105-year-old mother what had happened.

"I said, 'Oh my God, that looks like my mother's car,'" Denise Mickey said.

Ms. Emma Primas, granny to her family, was beginning to worry when she hadn't returned. But the frayed nerves of three generations on Tuesday afternoon turned much calmer by nighttime.

"Thankful that she's alive," Denise Mickey said.

Since it is spring break, no students were at the school.

As for the suspect, police say they found PCP in his car and he was screaming and fighting them the entire time they were trying to arrest him. He now faces a number of felony charges, including evading arrest.

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