Girl Scouts learn to spot fake cash after scam

FRESNO, Calif.

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More than two dozen people filled the building on west Shaw Avenue. They were joined on a conference call by dozens of other scout leaders in Bakersfield. The agents couldn't show their faces on camera, but said they wanted to meet with the organization to educate them on how to identify counterfeit money and what to do if they get a bogus bill.

"I think it was very beneficial the Secret Service took the time in assisting the Girl Scouts. I'm very thankful they came out to help us," said Girl Scout store manager, Pamela Compton. "I think it will be very helpful in educating our troops and volunteers and get the word out so they are not hurt by these people."

Last week, the Girl Scouts received two counterfeit 100 dollar bills at their store. And a woman tried to pass another bad bill at a cookie booth on the northeast side.

Troop leaders learned about three key security features to look for, including a watermark portrait, security strip, and color-shifting numbers easily detected when held up to the light.

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