March 15th AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The shamrock plant is one of the most recognized images of Saint Patrick's Day, and many use it as a festive centerpiece or as a holiday gift.

Growers in San Diego say this year's shamrock crop has been exceptional due to mild weather and favorable growing conditions.

Growers say sales have been good so far, and they expect to have plenty of supply available for customers looking for a little extra luck this Saint Patrick's Day on Saturday.

A sigh of relief for many farmers, as rain reaches their crops this week.

Farmers say they're not expecting a miracle March with a full replenishing of water supplies, but the upcoming rain is certainly welcome. That's especially true for farmers who rely heavily on rain for irrigation, including many hay farmers.

A government report says alfalfa fields benefited from previous warm weather and are currently greening nicely. Other crop benefiting from the warm weather include wheat, oat and rye.

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