5 candidates fight for Fresno assembly seat

FRESNO, California

Clovis City Council Member Bob Whalen is also a Fresno County Deputy District Attorney. Whalen thinks his record fits the district's needs. "The Democrats at this point do have full run of the Sacramento state legislature, and some point people are going to recognize that's probably the direction we don't need to go in and when that happens I will be there, I'll be able to show what we've done in the City of Clovis by cutting spending without raising taxes."

Vong Mouanoutoua serves on the Clovis Planning Commission, chairs the Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission and manages a nonprofit educational foundation. From Clovis, he's a lifelong Republican. "I'm not a politician, I am a member of the community and so I think the community needs someone who feels and understands the pulse of the poor all the way to the haves."

But he says he's a Republican willing to compromise to get things done.

"We preach that in families we preach that everywhere we go, but somehow in politics we don't."

The youngest candidate, Fresno attorney David DeFrank is 26, and says he's ready to shake things up. "You know you watch what's going on in Sacramento and you get fed up pretty quickly. At that point you have a couple options, you can give up or you can get involved and I decided I would get involved."

The only Democrat in the race, Richard Rojas is a union representative for state employees. He believes Democrats and the independent voters are ready to support a Democrat. "The perfect Republican for our district represents going to Sacramento and voting no. I think there are better solutions than just voting no."

Under the new election system, the top two vote getters, in the June primary no matter which party they are in will face off in the November election.

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