New suspect tops Fresno's "Top 5 auto thieves" list

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Michael Kent*/ is considered Fresno's most notorious car thief. The person who used to be ranked number one was sentenced last week to four years in state prison. Kent was last arrested on March 6th.

/*Victor Portillo*/ is number two on the list. He was arrested this week for the 7th time this year. /*Jeremiah Gutierrez*/ and /*Francisco Delarosa*/ come in at number three and four -- and /*Ralph Jasso*/ is number five on the list.

Police say their focus on car thefts and making arrests has resulted in a drop in crime.

"We're at a 38 percent reduction from this time last year... approximately 500 less cars stolen than this time last year," said Sgt. Tim Tietjen with the Fresno Police Department.

Officers say Michael Kent stole three cars in one day around Clovis, and in Northeast and Northwest Fresno.

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