Undercover narcotics officers shoot, kill suspect in Sanger

SANGER, Calif.

The undercover officers involved work for the Fresno Police Department. According to Chief Dyer, this shooting happened after three suspects tried selling two-pounds of meth to an informant.

Dozens of people witnessed Thursday's officer involved shooting outside a Sanger McDonald's. Adriana Silva was inside the restaurant with her eight-year-old sister, when they heard several shots ring out.

Adriana Silva said, "And then, I hide my little sister under the desk, and you see like all kinds of cops undercover, like shooting at people."

Silva took cell phone video, showing paramedics tending to the suspect. According to investigators, he and two others agreed to meet an informant at the parking lot, for what they thought was a legitimate drug deal.

Instead, undercover officers from Fresno's major narcotics unit had been following them. As the deal unfolded, they moved in. That's when investigators say, the suspect pulled out a gun.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Our officer, after yelling at the individual to drop the weapon did not and our officer fired at the suspect. It's my understanding at this point that the suspect then ran and two additional officers fired their weapons at that suspect."

Another witness confirms what officers say happened.

Brenda Martinez said, "He just started running, so that's when they started chasing him, and then the other ones stayed and they just started shooting at his. There was just like so many gun shots."

Soon after, the parking lot was taped off. Witnesses and employees from nearby restaurants were not allowed to leave until they were interviewed by detectives.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office has now taken over the investigation. As for the three officers involved, they are on paid administrative leave.

The two other suspects involved with the drug deal were arrested. Chief Dyer says his officers have been investigating them for about six months.

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