March 16th AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

The mild weather has caused a reduction in the amount of corn seeds available this year. But seed companies say California farmers will be able to buy corn seeds despite the problem. They do say, however, that the popular varieties of corn could be difficult to come by.

To increase volume, suppliers have created plans to produce seeds in South America for sale in the United States and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.


Almonds and walnuts are having such a good year so far, it's making some peach growers interested in getting in on the action.

Peach growers are looking to replace older orchards, and many are weighing the costs and advantages of other crops. Almonds and walnuts are the ones getting the most attention..

Growers say they're a popular choice in part because they require much less hand labor to grow and harvest, compared to peaches.

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