Snow made driving difficult in the mountains

HIGHWAY 168 near SHAVER LAKE, Calif.

The California Highway Patrol says chain controls were in place near Prather since four o'clock Sunday morning. CHP responded to multiple spinouts but no one was seriously hurt.

Ryan Jacobsen with Eagle Towing spent Sunday morning pulling out about 30 stranded drivers.

"It's been very busy, people with no chains, two wheel drive people with chains that don't fit," said Andrew Jacobsen. "It's just been pretty miserable out, pretty slick out, I recommend if you don't have chains, don't come up."

Carson Urquhart and his twin brother Kyle spent the weekend in the family's cabin. The two are aware of the dangers of slippery roads but love the fresh powder.

"Go a little bit slower so they don't crash, it's kind of slippery," Carson said.

Kyle said, "Oh my gosh, just in the morning it was like boom, so much snow, a bunch!"

The overnight snowfall weighed down trees in the area and coated the tops of quite a few cars. But local storeowners say the conditions are just right for business.

Jean Kilpatrick with Cressman's General Store said, "The snow is really good for selling chains and really good for selling hot sandwiches, so it's kind of nice."

Despite the rough road conditions most people we talked to enjoy experiencing snow in March.

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