Safe, durable cribs

FRESNO, Calif.

Consumer Reports' rigorous tests of cribs are designed to help you choose one that's just that.

Consumer Reports looked at 14 cribs costing between $160 and $800. Each crib is inspected and measured to make sure it adheres to federal guidelines.

Testers make sure the crib slats are close enough together so that little arms and legs can't get trapped. And testers also measure the strength of the crib slats when pulled—you know, all that pushing and pulling from a growing baby. All of the cribs met government standards, but Consumer Reports' tests revealed big differences.

Another test simulates a baby's repeated bouncing and jumping to see how well the mattress support system holds.

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good, sturdy crib. Consumer Reports found two cribs to recommend that cost less than $200:

- The Graco Charleston Convertible Crib, $190 - The Delta Venetian Convertible Sleigh 3-in-1, $160

Both convert into a toddler bed, so you'll probably get lots of use out of it, which is a plus for any new parent. And Consumer Reports found that both are easy to assemble.

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