Fresno State making plans for more budget cuts

FRESNO, Calif.

The California State University system is set to freeze enrollment at most of its 23 campuses to save money. Fresno State will feel the impact.

University officials say Fresno State is not accepting students for the spring 2013 term but the California State University system will allow the enrollment of several hundred community college transfer students at other campuses. University officials say they are reducing enrollment as a way to face potential budget cuts.

On Tuesday university officials stressed the impact a potential $200 million dollar budget cut will have on the Central Valley.

"The fewer students we put out there with college educations, the more it adversely affects the economy," said Fresno State vice-president of student affairs, Dr. Paul Oliaro.

In addition, CSU has announced plans to further reduce fall admissions at most campuses next year if voters reject Governor Jerry Brown's November measure to raise taxes. Dr. Oliaro is urging Valley residents to revisit the measure. He said, "If you are a parent of a sophomore, junior, senior, I would seriously take a look at the merits of the Governor's proposal."

Political experts say the announcement's timing is strategic. "Putting some pressure on the Governor so if his tax increases are approved that higher education in the state university system particularly get its fair share of the benefit," said Fresno Pacific University political science professor, Richard Unruh.

Meanwhile, students on campus are reacting to the news with a message for CSU administrators, "I would tell them that we are the future and taking away from our education is only hurting us and hurting the state potentially from having these great educated people," said Fresno State junior, Megan Cole.

The Valley's other CSU campuses, Bakersfield and Stanislaus will not be accepting students next spring. The closest campuses that will accept students are in the Bay Area or Southern California.

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