Drivers adjusting to cope with gas prices

FRESNO, Calif.

There's less pain the pump these days. But people are still feeling squeezed -- forcing some people like Father Michael Lastiri of the Fresno Diocese to re-think their annual spring break plans. "I have to watch out how far I travel. I like traveling, either the Bay Area or down to Southern California. But we gotta plan those a little carefully these days in order to stay within a budget."

Staying within a budget is even more difficult for young adults and college students. Some of Lourin Smith's friends opted out of a spring break road trip to Disneyland once gas prices started going up a few weeks ago. It takes $120.00 just to fill up his gas guzzling Toyota Tundra. "I actually do know some people staying here. They're not even going home for spring break. They don't want to spend the money."

An exclusive Action News poll conducted by SurveyUSA shows more than half the people we interviewed say high gas prices have prompted them to change their summer vacation plans.

"We're still as busy as ever right now. I think that we're seeing a lot of people making other choices."

Local travel agent Shelley Yasui says her industry is not slowing down one bit because of high gas prices and how it might affect air travel. In fact she's optimistic about what summer will bring for people who are thinking about traveling but may be worried about added fuel surcharges. She does however have one piece of advice. "If they're concerned if gas prices are going to go up I would encourage them to start booking now. We haven't been given any indication that it is having any additional taxes yet. But if they know when they're going to travel, they need to book now to make their reservations."

But there are still plenty of people who have reservations about booking a big vacation plan and believe high gas prices will drive them to stay home instead. Jordan Margain from Fresno put it best. "Pretty soon I don't know am I going to see people on bikes? I'm not talking about motorcycles but 10 speeds? And they always talk about how people in California are overweight, we're going to be in shape pretty soon."

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