Central California SPCA under fire, again

FRESNO, Calif.

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At the Fresno city council meeting Thursday morning -- council president Clint Olivier raised questions about a customer complaint report that's supposed to be made public to the city every four months.

The city spends more than $2 million to help the SPCA's bottom line. He also invited a couple who lives in his district that was involved in a deadly attack last summer. Two stray pit bulls killed their cat and injured Robert Green. He and his wife say it took hours for the SPCA to respond.

"There needs to be a more responsive organization that steps up to the plate here," said Delia Green. "And does what I think all of the citizens of Fresno want done in this kind of situation."

The couple and councilman Olivier say complaints like these are common but the council can't figure out just how many complaints there are because these quarterly reports aren't available.

But the SPCA defended itself in a written statement saying, "We have always served the entire community with compassion and dedication. We will continue to search for better ways to serve the community and especially its animals."

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