More counterfeit money used to try to buy Girl Scout cookies

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened in front of "The Market," at Herndon and Marks in Northwest Fresno. Members of Troop 305 say a woman tried to purchase cookies with a $100 bill -- and when they refused to accept it, she went inside the store, where managers determined it was a fake.

"Our policy from the council is not to accept $100 dollar bills because there's a rash of counterfeit money around Fresno and Fresno County," said Rana Yamamura with Girl Scout Troop 305.

Earlier this month, the Girl Scouts received two counterfeit $100 bills at their store. Another woman tried to pass another bad bill at a cookie booth on the Northeast side. As a result, troop leaders received special training from the U.S. Secret Service, to help them spot the phony bills.

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