March 27 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

According to a new survey, California leads the nation in organic production. 19 Percent of all California farms are organic. The survey also shows California is at the top of organic production in the country, including 99-percent of the nation's organic walnuts, lemons -- and all of the countries organic almonds and dates.

More solar projects may soon be coming to Valley farms, despite the California Farm Bureau's opposition.

A Fresno County Superior Court judge has told the bureau it does not have the right to sue Fresno County over a proposed 90-acre solar project along Interstate 5. That project was approved in August.

The judge said there was no legal standing in the suit because members of the bureau were not directly harmed by the project. Farm Bureau officials say they fear too much farmland will be wasted to give way to energy projects.

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