Storm brings mixed reactions from businesses

FRESNO, California

Frank Parisi is hoping for more sunshine and less rain this weekend. Parisi owns and operates the Sunnyside Swap Meet which is held outdoors every weekend. "We're basically designed and want to have the guy who's cleaning out his garage. We want that garage sale, because you can find your hidden treasures out here and that's what everyone's looking for."

The last two weekends have brought steady rain to the Valley. That's kept almost 80-percent of his vendors and hundreds of buyers at home instead of spending and selling out here. "Because you know how it is here in Fresno, it's a hit and miss thing. And if it drizzles come on out anyway because we're going to be out here and set up. If we get a chance to sell things we will out here."

The Sunnyside Swap Meet has been open for a little over a month. And the rain has resulted in thousands of dollars lost in potential revenue.

Where one business is hurting from wet weather -- another business is booming thanks to the spring storms.

China Peak Resort CEO Tim Cohee told Action News over the phone he's welcoming it with open arms. "It's going to make for a great spring which we'll be a pretty good recovery. It's not going to turn into an A or B season. But it will probably get us out alive I would say."

The mild winter hurt China Peak and Badger Pass earlier this season -- but these spring storms offer a new chance for these resorts create their own snowball effect of people heading to the resort. China Peak is anticipating big crowds in the two weekends leading up to Easter. "If things are going well. We'll probably see a couple thousand people a day on a weekend. Probably well over 1,500 during the week. So we'd expect over if you can call it a nine day period from Saturday to Sunday that nine days we would hope to see 20-30,000 folks at the resort."

If storms continue to bring more snow -- China Peak may be open past the normal April 29th closing date.

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