Valley musicians make music video for Trayvon Martin

FRESNO, Calif.

Zimmerman said Martin attacked him, punching him and slamming his head on the ground. But in the video there's no visible blood on Zimmerman's head, nose, or clothes.

Martin was killed by a single shot to the chest, just seventy feet from his house. Police would release Zimmerman from jail after a few hours of questioning.

The martin case has angered many around the country -- as well as here in the valley.

A rally and vigil are planned to happen at Fresno City Hall. A group of local musicians and music producers on Wednesday began making a music video to honor the teenager.

"I think this represents a lot of different people, young, old, different nationalities," said singer/songwriter Cecil Morris.

They are performing for a video tribute to the 17-year-old Florida boy killed allegedly by Zimmerman.

"Just to hear about something like that happen without anyone going to jail, that's kinda tough for me to take in," Shawn Robinson said.

Robinson helped write the song. He's been working with Blair Wilson, the video's producer, for several weeks. Wilson said this is important to him because the case is not about race, but about a teenage murder victim.

"I just want to contribute, because we want justice for all the kids, not just the black kids, but for all the kids, you know? This is important," Wilson said.

Wilson's older sister, Whitney, is also helping with the video. "He wasn't doing anything. He lost his life for no reason," she said.

Zimmerman, the confessed shooter said there is a reason, however. He told authorities he was being attacked by martin. Zimmerman is now out of jail.

"We're way out here in California and we still see what's going on," Wilson said.

That video will be posted to once it's finished.

A rally is planned at city hall on April 13th.

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