Raising Latino graduation rates

FRESNO, Calif.

Wells Fargo presented Fresno State with a $150 thousand check Tuesday morning. The money will help fund Latino academic programs at the university.

Fresno State President Dr. John Welty said, "Well this investment will really yield tenfold I think in terms of helping students to be successful and graduate. The most important thing we can do right now is prepare an educated work force."

When it comes to Latino's and graduation rates at Fresno State -- we're among the lowest in the country. The school says 15-percent of students drop out from year one to year two. And another 25-percent drop out between year two and year three. By year six -- just under half of the Latino students enrolled at Fresno State don't make it to graduation.

"We're going to be specializing specifically with, there's a financial literacy program that we're implementing on campus," said Adrian Ramirez. "To help students with budgeting. And also other workshops such as time management."

These targeted efforts in theory will help Hispanic students graduate with a degree and contribute to the local economy by getting a well-paying job.

Anabel jayme is a freshman from Madera who's in one of these programs. The nursing major is encouraged by the opportunities in front of her made possible by some of these donations and grants. "I think the key is to have a lot of self-motivation. And a lot of people to support you. I mean I know I have a lot of friends and family that are there to support me. So I know I can do it and as long as I can count on them I'm sure I'll be fine."

Jayme's goal of getting a degree goes without question.

Now Fresno State is hoping others will be inspired to do the same with a little help from companies like Wells Fargo.

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