Sierra businesses hoping for spring break boost

FRESNO, Calif.

With fresh snow in the mountains, officials at China Peak ski resort are hoping for a financial boost in the upcoming days.

Nine inches of fresh snow fell on china peak this past weekend.

Managers hope this spring break will make up for lost business earlier in the season.

From long-time snowboarders, "There's a lot of sun, the snow is perfect!"

To first time skiers, "And as you push down, you want to life up your heel a little bit."

People spending their spring break at China Peak Monday were impressed with the powder-like conditions.

"It's really fun, interesting. It's a new thing. I like to try new things," Key Poulan said.

12-year-old Key Poulan and his family came up from Fresno for the day, with his Boy Scout troop.

The trip was originally planned for January, but later canceled, because there wasn't enough snow.

"So we rescheduled for April thinking 'oh there won't be snow', and it's gorgeous. The weather is great and my kids have never skied before so they're real excited to be up here," Kathy Poulan said.

Mountain manager Rich Bailey is just as excited to have them here. He says revenue is down an estimated 40 to 50 percent this season.

But he's optimistic, telling Action News, they have enough snow to finally put away the snow making machines, they're offering discounted season tickets.

And, China Peak will now be open until the end of April.

"Since half way through March, literally we've gotten 9 feet of snow, this is just like an injection of life for us," Rich Bailey said.

In nearby Shaver Lake, business owners are just as hopeful.

While Monday started off a bit slow, they still had everyone from sledders, skiers and fishermen coming through, and anticipate even more lately this week.

"Very good news for Shaver. With the lake filling up, and getting more water in it, it will be good fishing pretty and with the snow here, we have something for everybody," Debby Dixon said.

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