Cal Ripken Baseball League honors Justin Hesketh

FRESNO, Calif.

Young baseball players will now round the bases on the newly dedicated '/*Justin Hesketh*/ Field.' Hesketh played on this diamond for most of his life.

His mother, Debbie Hesketh, hopes these ball players will remember her son -- not for his death -- but for his upbeat attitude.

Tracy Hata has coached in the league for 15 years. He says Hesketh was one of his most respectful players. Hata presented Hesketh's parents with a plaque full of his pictures on the ball field.

The Fresno State freshman was murdered last December at an apartment complex in Northwest Fresno. His friend, /*Brandon Moore*/, was also killed that night.

Fresno Police say the pair was shot because another group of teenage boys claim they were given dirty looks.

Hesketh's grandfather threw out the first pitch Saturday. Howard Hesketh said, "Youth activities are the best part of growing up, so that they learn the good things instead of the bad things that are happening these days, among young people."

For his family -- this dedication is a break from grieving. "We still have a trial to go through, which is going to be terrible," said Debbie Hesketh. "But today is a joy because they're honoring Justin."

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