Two arrested for allegedly serving children alcohol in RI

East Providence, RI

A teenager's birthday party an apartment on Sunday landed two adults behind bars. East Providence Police arrested Heather Picozzi and Shane Cole for allegedly serving alcohol to minors.

Police tell eye-witness news at least six children, ranging in age from 6-to-15 consumed alcohol at the party. "Two were passed out and were brought to the hospital, and the 6-year-old was taken just as a precaution because she mentioned that alcohol was in her mouth. We don't know the extent...if she ingested it or if she had spit it out or just tasted it."

Police said they were alerted to the underage drinking party after a parent went in search of his 13-year-old daughter who he had allowed to go to the birthday party. "He wasn't getting any response on her cell phone after about two hours of calling her and text messaging her, so he went to the house to see if she was okay. He was met at the door by an adult who said that she was passed out upstairs from drinking alcohol."

Police say that 13-year-old brought her own bottle of vodka to the party. We're also told Heather Picozzi allegedly supplied a bottle of vodka for the minors.

Children living at the home are now in the custody of state officials. Cole and Picozzi are both due back in court on June 4th.

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