Valley students brought a biblical story to life

FRESNO, Calif.

These students at Sacred Heart took their families along the sacred journey Wednesday... each student playing an important part of the story of Christ's life and death.

Sister Kathleen Drilling said, "We're trying to make what happened 2000 years ago real in their lives, and how they related to what happened to Jesus to what's going on in the world today."

Sacred Heart Principal Sister Kathleen Drilling believes the best way to teach the children the story is to have them act it out.

Matthew Ortega has been acting out the Stations of the Cross since he was a preschooler. "I've been doing this for about ten, eleven years."

Bill and Elizabeth Nation have been involved with their grandchildren at Sacred Heart for 12 years. This year they have four grandchildren taking part in the re-enactment. "They learn really the Christian outlook and how to live and how to treat other people and they see how Jesus lived and reflect it in their own lives."

And if you wonder whether the little ones are getting the true meaning behind their actions, you need only ask little Abbie Andrade.

Andrade: "We're doing what Jesus did for us."

Reporter: "And what did he do for us?"

Andrade: "He made us a beautiful world."

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