Parlier animal shelter calls it quits

FRESNO, Calif.

When Animal Lovers of Parlier began its efforts, the organization was getting $5,000 a month from the city of Parlier. That funding was eventually cut to $1,000 a month and the manager says it's just not enough.

Juanita Moreno has run the shelter from the beginning, since April of 2010. But as the city slashed its funding, it became harder to operate. "The dogs eat $300 in food a week. That's just the food. Not the cats, not the litter, not the soap for the clothes." said Moreno.

Moreno believes the funding battle is political and she's being forced out. But Parlier's city manager, Lou Martinez, said the city cut funding because of budget troubles and they never intended to fully fund a no-kill shelter. "We laid off three people. We can't justify putting more money into the program if we're laying off people," said Lou Martinez.

Other rescue organizations responded to a call for help.

The Cat House on Kings, Feline Friends, and Animal Rescue of Fresno were just some of the groups who showed up to take animals Thursday. Another vet from Redwood City committed to taking about 20 cats. "They're really beautiful, adoptable cats in there. They're in really good shape so it's just a shame this has to be shut down so abruptly, but I think I'll find good homes for these cats," said Dr. Monica Rudiger with Nine Lives Foundation.

Parlier's city manager said Animal Lovers of Parlier was a good program that did help the city's stray situation. The city's animal services now lie with one animal control officer and the city manager concedes many more animals will likely have to be euthanized.

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