Allegiant Airlines adds up to $35 carry-on fee

FRESNO, California

The Allegiant flights from Fresno to Las Vegas are among the most popular in the Central Valley. Its flights are always at or near capacity.

Allegiant doesn't operate flights at FYI on Tuesday or Wednesday -- but news of carry-on storage fees left other passengers upset.

"Well I don't like it at all. You know I think we get charged these days for almost everything. We get nickeled and dimed to death."

"I don't like that because we always try to not check our bags to save the fee."

Allegiant's CEO told USA Today the changes are necessary to help offset rising costs affiliated with operating an airline company. And he argues their fares are still cheaper than their competitors.

Allegiant is the second airline to start charging for carry-on storage. But local travel agent Jan Odahl says it's too soon to tell if this move will become the new industry standard. "They started charging for their checked baggage and a lot of the other companies started to charge for their checked baggage. I think that they're just trying to increase their overall revenue."

The carry-on fee will range between $10.00 and $35.00 per flight. The good news for Valley passengers is that the price is dependent on how far you fly.

So we looked up how much it would cost you to take a carry on with you to Las Vegas. According to Allegiant it'll cost you $13.00 if you book online. But get ready to shell out $35.00 dollars at the airport.

Sherri Martin says if this is a trend -- she'll consider other modes of transportation. "We're certainly not receiving the customer service. The seats are smaller. The space is more confined. You have to wait longer. And then you're not receiving any of the perks."

And others may join her if other airlines join Allegiant in charging for carry-on baggage.

Allegiant says, passengers will still be able to bring a personal bag with them for free if it fits under the seat.

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