Fresno City Council supports keeping fighter wing in city

FRESNO, Calif.

Councilmember Larry Westerlund says the Air Wing has been in Fresno nearly fifty years.

He says it employs four-hundred full time workers and an additional four-hundred reservists to service the aircraft.

It also plays an important role in aircraft control, scrambling planes to investigate a threat or unidentified aircraft.

Councilmember Andreas Borgeas also expressed his support for the unit.

"I know it's good for our community and when I look up to the sky and hear that thunderous roar it's quite shocking, but afterwards also quite comforting to know we have that type of facility here," Borgeas said.

The Air National Guard is also in the process of converting to F-15s.

Fresno is currently the only airwing in the United States not flying that type of aircraft.

The twin-engine jets are said to be a faster, more maneuverable fighter used in aerial combat, but is also a bit louder than the F-16.

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