Hundreds of worshippers packed Saint John's Cathedral

FRESNO, Calif.

Hundreds of worshippers packed Saint John's Cathedral Friday night. Some perhaps to hear the bishop give the Good Friday message, but for many, it's a spiritual journey taken every year.

Geomara Hernandez came to Saint John's with her two children, only to find the cathedral crowd spilling out onto the steps. Still, she believes it's important to be here.

Hernandez said, "Yes, it's important to us."

Action News asked, "Why?"

Hernandez replied, "Cuz I learn about god, and my kids learn about god."

Several speakers narrated the story of the Passion in English, but Bishop Ochoa delivered his message to the congregation in Spanish.

Whether English or Spanish, the meaning is the same, Good Friday is a time to reflect on the Christian faith.

St. John's Cathedral Youth Leader Veronica Ramirez said, "It's to remember why we're actually here, Jesus died for us on the cross. He died for our sins, and it's a day to remember, and once he died he told us I'll be back, and that's what Easter is."

Ramirez has taken part in Good Friday services at St. John's for years. Once part of the crowd in the Stations of the Cross. This year, one of the coordinators of the play, a dramatic depiction of the final days of Jesus' life. After the service is over, the play unfolds on the steps of the cathedral.

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