Church service interrupted by shooting in Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

All is quiet in the neighborhood, but it was a scary scene earlier Saturday when shots were fired outside this apartment complex at a time families were celebrating Easter at a church just a few feet away.

Shots broke out just after 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon, sending a man to the hospital. When police got to the scene, they found 8 bullet casings on the ground. Investigators say a man got out of a car and started shooting at the victim.

When the shooting happened, around 200 people were celebrating Easter services at a church next door. Families had just finished an Easter egg hunt with around 100 kids and were just about to start a prayer when they heard gunshots.

"We were towards the end of the program itself for the kids, then all of a sudden we started hearing shots go off, like seven, eight shots at one time, and some people thought it was fire works going off -- and it turned out, we seen some action taking place here through the fence," said Pastor Glenn Prine with North Fresno Assembly of God church.

"One subject exited and fired multiple rounds at the 3 subjects that were standing by the white vehicle, and one was shot," said Sgt. Stephen Viveros with the Fresno Police Department.

The person who was shot was taken in a private vehicle to Community Regional Medical Center with non life threatening injuries.

The victim and the suspects did not live in the apartment complex. Police do not have any suspects, but are continuing to investigate the shooting. Its unknown if it was gang related.

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