"Boomerang" program hopes to bring talented grads back to Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

The Boomerang Project was first launched in 2005 but because of the economic downturn it was tabled until just a few weeks ago.

Now the group is looking for your help to recruit friends and family who moved away to come back and build a career right here in the Valley.

Jake Soberal is trying to bring the best minds back to the Valley.

"We are losing our most talented people," Soberal said.

On Monday Soberal networked with a group from the Riverpark Rotary Club.

He heads part of a non-profit, the Boomerang Project, which aims to stop what he calls the area's "brain drain."

"Because of the brain drain those skills go back to making another community better as opposed to our own," Soberal said.

Soberal wants graduates to know there are high-paying jobs in Fresno.

"Most of our jobs pay well above $100,000 a year, which if you adjust it for the cost of living in Fresno is a really spectacular income," Soberal said.

The group is now encouraging Valley natives who left to boomerang back.

"We have positions for attorneys, for CPAs, we have CFO positions, chief buyer positions," Soberal said.

Layne Lev moved away to the Bay Area before heading home.

"Growing up I was always one of those people who said he'd never be back," Lev said.

Lev is now a partner at Hundred10 in Fig Garden Village. The design firm makes websites and apps for corporations.

Lev says Fresno offers a more affordable lifestyle near family. The Boomerang Project is hoping more people like Lev will move back and reinvest in the area.

Staff members at the boomerang project don't have a pool of specific jobs they are recruiting for. Instead they're targeting skilled workers who are interested in moving back to the area.

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