Fresno State introduces new women's basketball coach

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno State wasted no time finding a replacement for Adrian Wiggins, the 38-year-old coach who left the city to lead the Rebels at the University of Mississippi.

On the day Wiggins started his new job at Ole Miss, the Bulldogs showed off Raegan Pebley.

Pebley comes to Fresno from Utah State in Logan. Her entourage includes her husband, Keith and her two children Joe and Harper.

Pebley made it very clear her husband is behind her all the way. The new head coach said, "You don't know until you're in that seat of being a head coach and being a mom and being and wife what it's going to take to make you good. This man right here makes me good. He also understands that this profession for me is not a profession but a way of life."

Long time Bulldog fans like Tim Schiller will miss former coach Adrian Wiggins, who had endeared himself to both players and fans over his seven year tenure. "I think he connected with the players very well. They liked him and he got them playing good basketball. He got the fans traveling, the fans coming to games."

Schiller won't be disappointed when he learns connecting with people is one of Pebley's top priorities. "I'm pretty relationship driven so I'm going to work first and foremost to build relationships with all of them and make sure they know that I care about who they are as individuals."

Pebley plans to get to work right away, hitting the weight room with the team on Wednesday.

Keith Pebley, a high school teacher and football coach, plans to move to Fresno with their two children when school is out in June.

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