Fresno pedi-cab driver chased down and hit by a car

FRESNO, Calif.

Jeff Macdonald told Action News, "It's still kinda surreal to think someone tried to kill me with their car."

Macdonald says trading his pedi-cab in for a pair of crutches has been a painful experience, both physically and mentally. "I'm still not able to work, or peddle, I can barely even walk, so."

Macdonald suffered severe bruising and tissue damage, following a hit and run crash which sent him to the hospital Saturday night. In the video, a picture shows what his leg looked like shortly after he says someone in a two-door Honda tried to run him over.

"He put his car in reverse and slammed into the back of my Pedi cab when I had passengers in it, and he proceeded to take 2 more tries at hitting me."

Macdonald claims the incident started near Vini Vidi Vici's, after he told the driver, and his passengers to quote "get a life" because they were yelling expletives at people passing by. He and the Honda both went their separate ways. Then, just a few minutes later, Macdonald says the car tracked him down on nearby Hedges Avenue.

Renee Newlove is a friend of Macdonald's, and works in the Tower District. She and others have expressed their outrage and concern on a Facebook page called, "Please Help Stop Crime in the Tower District". People have also written posts regarding a similar car being involved in another pedi-cab assault back in January.

Renee Newlove, the victim's friend, said, "The sooner this guy is caught, the better I think. We don't want anybody else hurt."

Fresno Police can't confirm the January incident, but say, they are following up on several leads.

As for Macdonald, while he's hoping for an arrest soon, he's just as anxious to get back on his bike. "This is what I do. I can't be afraid to do what I love, so."

Macdonald hopes that will happen within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, he is stuck with medical bills and no income.

As for the three passengers on his bike when this happened, he says one of them suffered a broken foot.

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