CSU campuses will vote to declare strike

FRESNO, Calif.

At issue is the administration's proposal to freeze salaries at current levels - which have not changed since 2008. The administration also wants to cut pay for summer professors, have more flexibility to hire temporary teaching staff, and require a special evaluation to make temporary workers permanent.

But the faculty wants a one-percent salary increase and more job stability. Employees told Action News, they're frustrated the administration will not cede to a small salary increase at the same time its granting ten-percent pay hikes for campus presidents.

Diane Blair with the California Faculty Association said, "They seek to balance the cuts to education on the backs of students, faculty and staff while they argue the best and brightest are only needed at the top of the university pyramid."

If a strike is authorized, each CSU campus will have two designated days during which faculty will withhold from work. A date hasn't been determined when the strikes will start, but the walkouts could take place anytime during the end of this semester or the beginning of the fall.

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