Second boy accuses Valley teacher of molestation

FRESNO, Calif.

Reedley Police arrested /*David Blancas*/ two weeks ago at his home. Blancas was a teacher and athletics director at Monson-Sultana school in Tulare County.

Prosecutors say Blancas sexually abused two different boys -- both for long periods of time. The first one reported abuse between 2000 and 2003. And after police arrested Blancas, the second boy reported abuse that only ended after police arrested the former teacher.

Blancas sat in jail for two weeks before finally responding to sex charges.

"At this time we would be entering not guilty pleas to all counts," said his attorney, Rick Horowitz, in court Wednesday.

The judge wouldn't allow us to show his face as he wore the red Fresno County jail jumpsuit and shackles. But since he was fitted for the jail uniform, his troubles have grown deeper.

Action News acquired the arrest warrant Reedley Police used to take him into custody. It says a male victim claimed hundreds of instances of abuse -- starting in 2000, when he was a preteen and Blancas was in his thirties. Blancas taught the boy and his sisters at Monson-Sultana school in Tulare County.

The alleged victim says he frequently went to Blancas' Reedley home -- first just to do chores, then later to play video games and watch movies.

The warrant also says police had the victim call Blancas to get a recorded statement without his knowledge. During the call, police say Blancas admitted to sexual contact with the boy, apologized, and said what he did was wrong. That led to his arrest in March. And as he waited to enter a plea, a second victim came forward.

Prosecutors say the second boy was also a preteen when Blancas started abusing him in 2010. The abuse lasted nearly three years, until just before police arrested Blancas.

The teacher once beloved by many students now faces three felony charges for his relationship with two young men.

Monson-Sultana officials say they're taking steps to discipline Blancas.

The judge raised his bail Wednesday to $440,000 because of the new charges.

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