Fresno State makes a name for itself

FRESNO, Calif.

It took a team of researchers and a focus group of 2500, some three years to decide that Fresno State, should really just be, Fresno State.

Fresno State President, Dr. John D. Welty said, "You'd be amazed if you look at signs and things, some say Cal State Fresno, some say CSU Fresno."

President Welty says from now on everything will bear the paw and new logo saying "Fresno State, Discovery, Diversity, Distinction."

Welty says the university needed a common theme, and a stronger identity.

When a flash mob purposely interrupted the president's speech, freshman dancer Foshia Dotson got a good look at the representation of her school's future. "I personally can't really tell the difference. It's my first year so I don't really know all the images but I think it looks nice."

As far as the main entrance which bears the California State University, Fresno. It'll stay for now, but we're told it may change in the future.

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